Rizwan Fashion is a business that has its foundations, in the formative years of UAE. Rizwan Ahmed created the fashion house to cater to the royal family and for the crème de le crème of the Emirati & GCC society. Luxurious Kaftans, jostle with made to order bridal wear and resplendent henna dresses, replete with myriad play, that the craft cluster of Rizwan is so adept at. The eclectic blend of colors, playability of fabric & strong surface textures, won them customers who have stayed over three generations.

A passion that has transcended changing fashions, trends and yet keeping the cultural roots true, carries on as legacy, with the first generation, now taking charge. Flawlessly merging contemporary high-end fashion, colliding emblematic surfaces and couture with modern sensibilities, the brand has grown and has invited the next generation to its purview.

The Company currently has design team and manufacturing operations employing over 200 persons.